Census of Hallucination: 2012

'... Oxford, where the real and the unreal jostle in the streets; where North Parade is in the south and South Parade is in the north, where Paradise is lost under a pumping station; where the river mists have a solvent and vivifying effect on the stone of the ancient buildings, so that the gargoyles of Magdalen College climb down at night and fight with those from Wykeham, or fish under the bridges, or simply change their expressions overnight; Oxford where windows open into other worlds ...'

Oscar Baedecker, The Coasts of Bohemia 

'Census of Hallucination' is a collection that I made in response to the exhibition 'Donning Oxford'. The aim of the show was to re-evaluate relationships with the city of Oxford (UK) and to explore and stretch the notions of how or what it is to 'don' Oxford. The show was on from 1st-31st July 2012 at the O3 Gallery.

Natalie Smith
Brooch ' We are one' 2012
Clay, textiles, paint, steel
21.5x 13.5x 6cm


Natalie Smith
Neckpiece 'Dust' 2012
Clay, paint, textiles, copper 
48x 17.5 4cm


Natalie Smith
Brooch 'Slice' 2012
Clay, steel, paint
5.5x 6.3x 3cm

Natalie Smith
Neckpiece 'Neverwhere' 2012
Textiles, wood, paint 
42.5x 27.5x 3.5cm

Natalie Smith
Brooch 'The Bridge........' 2012
Silver, textile, paint, steel, sugar 
11x 8x 3cm


Natalie Smith
Brooch 'Wings?' 2012
Feather, paint, textile, steel 
21x 2.3x 3cm


Natalie Smith
Brooch 'Tell me the truth!' 2012 
Textile, copper, paint, steel 
7x 7x 1.5cm